I came to the office this morning in a foul mood: woke up late, favorite jeans were dirty, slammed my finger in the kitchen cabinet, it's dreary out (and this is the short list). I allowed all these really insignificant things to put me in a funk on what should be the joyful Monday before Christmas. Then, to top it off, at 9:05 a customer arrives. Of all the nerve, right? I've only been open 5 minutes! 

So, as life often goes, it turned out to be one of my favorite ladies. She came in and handed me a wrapped present. There was a short note attached thanking me for "being so good" to her this year... Open mouth, insert humble pie.

Her act of kindness reminded me how thankful I am to come in contact with so many amazing people here, many of which are in turmoil or going through huge life changing events. There's something about this counter that makes people step right up and just spill everything. We laugh together & cry together, celebrate beginnings & mourn endings, and more often than not - I simply listen. I cannot express with words how honored I am to have so many people share pieces of their lives with me.

Thank YOU to all of my customers and friends. Merry Christmas.

- Jessicah