What's the difference between standard self storage and climate controlled?

  • Climate controlled has regulated temperatures; not falling below 45 in the winter or going above 85 in the summer.
  • Standard storage is not temperature regulated and thus less costly.

What can I put in a standard self storage unit?

  • General household goods
  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Boxes & storage tubs
  • Appliances
  • Most electronics

What type of things should go in climate controlled self storage?

  • Oil based paintings and expensive artwork
  • Musical instruments that may become out of tune otherwise
  • Stamp collections
  • Long term photo and document storage
  • Sensitive electronics
  • Valuable antique furniture
  • Heirlooms
  • Anything that may warp due to humidity or freezing
  • Anything YOU don't feel comfortable putting in standard storage. Erring on the side of caution is always advisable.

What should I absolutely NOT put in any type of self storage unit?

  • People
  • Pets
  • Food of ANY type (you don't want rodents and neither do we)
  • Anything that eats, sleeps or breathes
  • Anything the cops might be looking for
  • Anything actively drawing electricity
  • Anything leaking or emitting odors
  • Hazardous, corrosive or flammable chemicals

How long can I rent a storage unit for?

  • All leases are month to month.
  • Stay one month, stay forever, or anywhere in between.
  • As long as your lock is on your unit you are considered a tenant.

Who is responsible if there's a fire, flood, break in or some other horrible event?

  • You are responsible for your things under all circumstances. You store your items here at your own risk.
  • We are not an insurance company and do not insure your things. We insure our buildings and property only.
  • Most homeowner & renter policies do have provisions for self storage coverage. Check with your agent for details.

How can I pay?

  • Mail in check or money order
  • Stop by with cash, check, money order or credit card (visa, mastercard or discover)
  • Leave check or money order in the drop box
  • Call in credit card payment
  • Enroll in our monthly auto debit program. We will charge your card on the last business day of each month until you tell us to stop.

Will you sell my stuff if I don't pay? Is it like on Storage Wars?

  • Ultimately yes and not exactly...
  • After 60 days of non-payment we have the legal right to hold a public auction. We have never sold anyone's things that soon.
  • We will make every effort to contact you and give you the opportunity to settle your account beforehand.
  • As long as you keep in contact and are making reasonable payments we will not sell your things.
  • Going to auction is an absolute last resort. It's not nearly as fun or glamorous as on tv.
  • Quite frankly it makes us feel pretty bad, but it is part of the business. So do us all a favor and just pay your bill please.